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Thursday, 21 Sep 2017

Jobs 2014

Launched on 18 June 2014, by News Corp Australia and WPC Group, the objective of the national Jobs 2014 campaign was to create 2,014 within just eight weeks.

Jobs 2014 smashed all its targets, creating 2,394 new jobs, including apprenticeships and traineeships in construction, horticulture, hospitality, and retail.

Jobs 2014 was the nation’s biggest ever community-inspired employment drive. Aimed at jobseekers between the ages of 18 and 25, as well as employers big and small, the campaign called on companies and businesses throughout Australia to help match young jobseekers with jobs.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott endorsed the Jobs 2014 campaign, and Woolworths, Australia’s second biggest employer, lent its support, creating an additional 200 jobs for young people.

With youth unemployment the worst it’s been in more than 15 years, at three times the national average − 16% nationally and more than 30% in some areas (including northwest Melbourne) − WPC Group knows that the problem needs to be tackled head on.

Nicholas Wyman, Chief Executive Officer of the WPC Group said, “Again and again, I hear leaders across Australian industry complain that they simply cannot find enough qualified people. Companies are struggling to recruit and retain skilled workers. As a result, our economy suffers. Left unaddressed, this skills shortage is only set to worsen.”

“That’s where apprenticeships, traineeships, and programs such as Jobs 2014 are so valuable. The skills learnt during an apprenticeship open the door to a rewarding, successful career and teach young people valuable life lessons that a traditional classroom simply cannot,” said Wyman.

And, according to Skills Australia, young apprentices should have little trouble finding gainful long-term employment at the conclusion of their training; Australia will need 2.4 million new workers with Certificate III level skills by next year, and more than 5.2 million by 2025 due to projected retirements.

For more information, visit: http://jobs2014.com.au/