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Thursday, 21 Sep 2017


What is an apprenticeship or traineeship?
A traineeship or apprenticeship (known collectively as Australian Apprenticeships), are a combination of practical work and structured training.  Once completed you will have a nationally recognised qualification and practical experience.  For further information visit Australian Apprenticeships.

How long does an apprenticeship or traineeship go for?
A traineeship is normally 12-18 months full-time (normally 38 hour week) depending on the industry, type of job and how quickly you complete your course work.  Apprenticeships are normally 3-4 years full-time (normally 38 hour week), again it depends on the industry and type of job.

Where will I do my course?
It will depend on the type of course you are doing but generally for trades areas (horticulture, hospitality, automotive, engineering) you will be enrolled at a TAFE college.  While trainees are normally trained on the job.  That means a trainer will come to your workplace.

Who is WPC Group?
WPC Group is a Group Training Organisation.  We specialise in apprenticeships and traineeships.  Our job is to find host employers who are looking for apprentices or trainees in the areas we specialise in (Horticulture, Hospitality, Automotive, Engineering and Business Administration).  We conduct the recruitment process (we interview you and match you with a suitable employer), we also employ you (we look after all of the legal requirements), we ensure you get your training and we mentor you through the entire process.

What happens if you don’t like the job?
Because we work with over 200 employers, if for some reason (it has to be a good one) you are not happy with your host employer, we can move you to another employer.

What do I bring to my interview?
Before you meet a potential host employer, you will have an interview at WPC Group with a member from our experienced Recruitment Team.  You will need to dress professionally for an interview (neat & tidy, e.g. for guys long trousers and a shirt and tie, for females a skirt or neat trousers and a button-through shirt).  Bring a copy of your resume and a copy of any certificates you have.