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Thursday, 21 Sep 2017

Interview Tips

Interviews can be a stressful activity for some but it does not need to be if you prepare well.

The following tips will assist in easing the stress of an up-coming interview

  • Do Your Homework - Take the time to research the company. This can be done by surfing the web and familiarising yourself with the type of company they are.
  • Address job criteria - Look at the job criteria and think of specific examples of ways you have addressed this criteria in previous jobs and experiences.
  • Questions - Think of some appropriate questions to ask. Remember, you want to make sure this is the right job for you, so use the interview to ask as many relevant questions as possible.

During the Interview

  • • Definitely do not be late
  • • Dress appropriately:  First impressions count!
  • • Speak clearly & enthusiastically (but keep it professional)
  • • Posture; sit up straight & keep eye contact with your interviewer
  • • Smile!