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Thursday, 21 Sep 2017

Pay Rates

Our company has the same responsibilities as any other to follow the legal requirements set out in Industrial Awards. These ‘Awards’ set out pay rates, superannuation entitlements, public holidays, annual leave, and personal leave. They set out your core conditions of employment.

It is WPC Group policy that our trainees and apprentices receive the same conditions as those that apply to employees of the host employer. Because some host employers have their own industrial agreements, this may mean that your wage rate will vary from employer to employer. However, you will never be paid less than the applicable Award. Some host employers pay ‘over award’ rates.

Legally, the Workplace Relations and Apprenticeship & Traineeship Acts (laws) cover your employment in general. The award that your host employer follows sets out:

  • • The amount and timing of your wages payment
  • • The type of work and the duties you perform
  • • The hours of work
  • • The times during which you should be working
  • • Personal leave
  • • Annual leave
  • • Bereavement leave
  • • Public Holidays
  • • Protective clothing
  • • Superannuation

For more information contact our recruitment team on 1300 656 461 or Fair Work Australia.