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Sunday, 20 Aug 2017

‘Where you have to graduate from to earn the most $$$’ – Cosmopolitan, Online

By Katie Stow

If you have just started, or have just applied for Uni, LOOK AWAY NOW!  The following stats have the potential to give you major regret.
A new report from Skilling Australia Foundation may have just proved that the highest-paid graduates are not bankers, doctors or lawyers.

They are actually, TAFE students.

Take a minute. Let that soak in.

For the official dollary doo figures of the median full-time wages of grads from Uni an TAFE, look at this ~sik~ graphic:

According to Nicholas Wyman (the CEO of Skilling Australia Foundation), “The report shows there is currently an array of respectable, well-compensated, upwardly mobile careers that don’t require a university education.”

Basically, TAFE students are smashing through their courses quicker and working in jobs that don’t demand that University degree tick-in-the-box.

One prime example is if you study a Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas–Electrical at TAFE you will earn the best median starting salary that Australia has to offer – a whopping $85,400.

However, there is a small silver-lining for Uni students. They have the potential to earn the second-best starting salary IF they study dentistry
at University, as that can rake in $80,000.

Buuuut, if you aren’t dreaming of being a dentist then you should know that employment rates are not looking good for Uni grads. In fact the report revealed that “Between 2008 and 2015, the proportion of bachelor degree graduates in full-time employment fell from 86 to 69 percent – compared to 78 percent of vocational training graduates.”

Uh oh.

Professor Julian Teicher, from Central Queensland University, told The New Daily that there is an “excessive preoccupation” with degrees and that “people who are educators very often have little experience of the world” meaning they can e a bit crap at teaching you “useful skills”.

Don’t want to alarm you Jules, but I think you may have just insulted yourself!

He did try to claw the chat back by saying, “University was not created as an employment mechanism. It was about education, and education is in some sense a marker of a civilised society. It produces great art, it produces people who are critical and ethical. All of those things.”

Though we like this statement in theory, there is one major flaw… Incoming truth bomb people.


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