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Thursday, 21 Sep 2017

Hire an Apprentice or Trainee today


We make it easy. If you need an apprentice or trainee, you've found the right place.

We focus on making the process quick and simple. So you'll have your apprentice assisting you
in no time!

You're welcome to contact us at your nearest office (Melbourne 1300 656 461, Sydney 1300 760 099, Brisbane 1300 311 272, Perth 1300 787 202) or speak directly to one of our consultants today. Our consultant phone details are located in the right column and bottom of this page. Alternatively you can fill out our quick and easy online form. Which ever way suits you best, our friendly staff are ready to assist you.

WPC Group have apprentices and trainees ready to start in business, hospitality, chef, automotive, mechanic, horticulture and landscaping. We also have apprentices ready to go in many other industries. So try us… we'd love to hear from you!

Types of Apprenticeships or TraineeshipsHiring an Apprentice What does it Cost?

Why should you employ your next 
or trainee through WPC Group?




Now more than ever, employers need to focus on controlling costs, managing skills 
and saving time.
WPC Group offers a 'one stop shop' integrated workforce solution.

Control your costs

WPC receives support from both the State and Commonwealth Government, including grants and exemptions from things like payroll tax that you cannot receive directly.

There are many hidden ‘on costs’ when recruiting and employing directly that can add up to another 30% on top of a base pay rate. WPC build all these factors into a flexible, fuss free workforce solution.

Manage your risk

Our workforce solution allows you to focus on managing your business. WPC understand that your staffing levels may change from time to time. Should you not require the apprentice or trainee or things simply don’t work out, you can hand them back with the knowledge that WPC will endeavor to find them another placement.

WPC also manage workcover and any claims that may arise.

Save your time

Some managers spend 80% of their time, managing 20% of their people. Think about the time and money your company spends each year on recruitment, administration and payroll, let alone keeping up to date with complex awards and legislation. WPC can pass on efficiencies through economies of scale as well as save you money, as well as your time.

Why hire an apprentice or trainee?

Australia is facing a critical shortage of skilled people. Don’t get caught out. WPC Group is already working in partnership with more than 250 companies and government agencies to develop people who can meet future skills needs.

WPC Group employs apprentices and trainees to meet your skills needs. We then place them in your business. We will mentor them through their apprenticeship training and handle payroll, workcover, superannuation and other administrative requirements. You gain the benefit of having an apprentice or trainee and contribute to building the future skills needs of your business and industry. WPC Group monitors and manages them for the full length of their training and provides regular training progress reports.

Ask about our Apprentices available for an immediate start!

Call WPC Group: Victoria 1300 656 461  |  News South Wales / ACT 1300 760 099  |  Queensland 1300 311 272  |  Western Australia 1300 787 202  

Types of Apprenticeships & Traineeships

WPC Group offer specialist apprenticeship services across a broad range of disciplines and can provide you with apprentices to work in the following industries:



Building and Construction apprentices
Business Administration trainees
Horticulture and Conservation apprentices
Human Resources trainees
Electrical (including Renewable Energy) apprentices
Information Technology trainees
Plumbing (including Green Plumbing) apprentices
Sustainability trainees
Automotive (Heavy and Light vehicle) apprentices
Hospitality trainees
Engineering apprentices
Government trainees
Hospitality - Commercial Cookery apprentices
Retail and Finance trainees

If you are interested in hiring an apprentice and your industry is not listed above, contact the WPC Group office in your state and on of our industry consultants can discuss what options are available to meet your needs.

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Hiring an Apprentice

When hiring a WPC Group apprentice under a group training arrangement, you make all the hiring decisions when it comes to selecting an apprentice for your business. WPC Group will provide you with a shortlist of suitable candidates for selection and can even organise for you to share an apprentice with another business if you don't have enough work for an ongoing or full-time position. Hosting an apprentice is flexible, cost effective and tailored to suit you.

To find out more about how hiring an apprentice under a group training arrangement contact the WPC Group office in your state.

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What does it cost to hire an Apprentice?

Apprentice wages vary according to certain characteristics eg. years of school completed, years of training, the type of apprenticeship and the industry or occupation. Apprentices are usually paid a training wage or an apprentice wage under an award or enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA), reflecting that the employee spends time in training.

WPC Group can provide you with an obligation free quote. Simply contact an Industry Consultant at the WPC Group office nearest to you and we will issue you with a quote outlining costs associated with your industry and trade.

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Speak to an Industry Consultant today about hosting an apprentice or trainee.

Victoria – Call Mark on 0421 795 772

New South Wales – Call Nathan on 0407 684 528

Queensland – Call Janine on 0401 141 960

Western Australia – Call Kerrie on 0408 558 949

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