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Thursday, 21 Sep 2017

Generation Y

In recent times the impacts of the generational changes have dawned on many employers. We are reading more about the transitioning generations with Australia’s largest generation – the Baby Boomers now beginning to move into their 60’s and into their post-working life. At the same time many are experiencing for themselves the generation gap as a new and young generation start work with very different views and values to the existing leaders.

While having a mix of generations in the workplace is nothing new, traditionally the different age groups were separated by a clear chain of command with the older workers as supervisors and managers while the younger were the apprentices and juniors. Not so today. The new reality is one of flatter organisational structures where teams of diverse ages work together, and where younger apprentices are less afraid to argue their point, make a demand, or push back on the older staff.

With all these generations mixing in the workforce, at all organisational levels there is a need to understand the generational differences and get the most out of this generational diversity.

Bridging the Gap – an Employers Guide, Mark McCrindle

To that end, WPC Group have worked with Mark McCrindle, Social Researcher, to rebrand the publication “Bridging the Gap – an Employers Guide” and “Bridging the Gap – an Employees Guide”, in order to provide our host employers, apprentices and trainees with an understanding of how to work in harmony and better understand each others unique characteristics.

We are pleased to offer both publications for you to download here.

Bridging the Gap – an Employers Guide Download

Bridging the Gap – an Employees Guide Download