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Sunday, 20 Aug 2017

Should Australia Set A Target of 1 Million Apprentices?

The term apprentice however still conjures up images from earlier times, of a young person in a leather apron making barrels, hand-looming cloth, silver smithing, or shaping a red-hot piece of iron on an anvil. However, if that’s what pops into your mind, think again.Twenty-first century apprenticeships are more sophisticated and progressive, and are found in modern fields beyond the blue collar such as IT and cyber security, advanced manufacturing, energy, construction, healthcare, transport and logistics and hospitality. Indeed, many of today’s most attractive knowledge economy jobs can be learned through apprenticeships. Read a bold plan in the US where Marc Benioff from Salesforce says lets aim for $5 million Apprentices.

Read how https://qz.com/943818/apprenticeships-can-be-the-key-to-trumps-promise-to-create-millions-of-new-american-jobs/

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